Our Guarantee

Roper Lawn Care Memphis is dedicated to the complete satisfaction of its clients. We approach each account individually and take a tailored approach to our lawn care services. Before deciding on any particular lawn care plan, our staff will make sure to discuss all the details of your particular situation. We want to understand your lawn specifically, since we know that no two properties are the same, no two lawns are identical, and, consequently, no two accounts should be treated in the exact same way.

We train our staff to implement this approach and we only take on a limited number of clients each year. While other lawn care providers will boast the large number of clients they have, our main source of pride is the feedback we get from our clients. You don’t have to take our word for it: simply read the customer testimonials on our website, ask for references in your area, and even visit properties we’ve worked on. You’ll get the chance to see for yourself what our standard of quality is.

100% Money Back Guarantee from Roper Lawn Care Memphis

However, should you be less than fully satisfied with our services, we are always ready to provide a complete refund. Our guarantee is 100 per cent money back if you’re not happy with the work we’ve put in for you. If you encounter a problem with our lawn mowing, lawn care, or other landscaping services, we want to know about it, so don’t hesitate to let us know.

First, we will send another team of lawn care technicians to your property and fix the problem, so that you’re pleased with the results. Should the problems still persist, we will refund all the money you’ve given us and even volunteer to find another company that can handle your lawn care needs. Our mission is to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Roper Lawn Care Memphis Cares about Customer Service

Every day, our lawn care experts strive to make sure you’re happy with what we do for you. There is nothing more important for us than our clients, since we believe that word of mouth and recommendations from former clients are the best form of advertising. This is the type of publicity money can’t buy. As such, we work day in and day out to maintain a friendly and personable relationship with each client. That’s why we limit our total number of clients – to make sure that each one of them gets treated with the proper care and attention to detail that they deserve.

We are very concerned with the quality of our customer service and want to make sure you’re having the best possible experience when working with Roper Lawn Care Memphis. Periodically, our staff will contact you and ask for your feedback, in order to ensure our relationship is entirely transparent and all possible issues are addressed in a timely manner.

If you would like to contract our services, don’t hesitate to call us today. We guarantee you won’t regret it!